There are tons of ways to make money online out there. If you were ever looking for making money online, you know about some easy methods such as CPA, CPI, Offer … all of them are profitable but not all are fit for you. I’ve involved in MMO (Make Money Online) for years and I can say that I has knowledge in almost every methods that can profitable for you.


Today I will show you 11 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2018 that you can expand it. All of them are steady for your focus and you can become wealthy if you doing it right.


My 11 Best Ways to Make Money Online 2018


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11 Best Ways to Make Money Online 2018


1. Product Launch


Product Launch works quite simple. You will looking for new products that will launch soon in the future (especially Digital Products, they have high commission rate, sometime 100%). The websites that you can visit for those products are Jvzoo, Warrior+, Clickbank … Your duty is register for Affiliate program in those websites, when they approved your request, you will promote those products on your website and try to rank it with keywords.


When product launch and customers are searching for it, they will see your website as a result and buying products by click on your Affiliate link. This is a simple but very effective to make money.


2. Nichesite Amazon


They way this method working is quite same as Product Launch. That is you need to register for Affiliate in Amazon and choose the right niche for your website. Such as when you want to earn money by Pillow niche, you will build your website with contents are everything about Pillow. In your website, you put Amazon Affiliate link for Pillow products and visiters who care about the products you are reviewing, will buy it through your link. You earn money from Amazon for products.


The hard part of this method is you have to rank your website good in Google Search (or Microsoft Bing) to get visitors. It need to invest some money in first time but when your keywords ranked good, you just need to improve your contents and see traffic increasing. Nichesite Amazon is a very good method to follow if you want a steady income work.


3. Authority Site Affiliate


Authority Site Affiliate is a form of Nichesite Amazon. But in this method, you will build a website that focus in a large niche such as Gaming, Furniture, Fitness … this method need you to invest a large time and money to get it strong but when your website has a good ranking on searching engine, you can earn a lot of money by review, introduce, selling products.


And amount of money from Affiliate products that a Authority Site Affiliate website can earn are much more than a Nichesite Amazon can get. Think about this method and decide to get into it if you think you are ready, if not, try Nichesite method first.


4. Clickbank Network


Clickbank is where you can earn money from Affiliate with commission rate very high (50 to 100%). Because this site selling Digital Products so it is really a Gold Mine for you to digging. But remember that because commission rate high so you will have to beat a large of competitors.


You can build your Nichesite or Authority Site to start with this method, choose for you the right strategy and this method will not be impossible.


5. T-shirt Flatform


Everybody buy T-shirt. You can design your T-shirt (or hire someone to design it for you) then upload it to T-shirt flatform website such as Teespring, Viralstyle, Teechip, SunFrog … you need to promote your design, the best social network people used to promote T-shirt is Facebook.


For each T-shirt they buy through your links, you get at least 10$. You will take some time and spend some money to get experience but when you are familiar with this T-shirt industry, it can help you make much money. I know some people earn millions dollar by this method so, try it for yourself.


6. T-shirt Shopify Store


Another T-shirt method, but you will not promote your designs on social networks. You need to buy a Shopify Store and make a contact with some T-shirt company, they will help you to setup your Store then when clients buy T-shirt on your website, money will send to your bank account.


This method need you to invest some money at first to attract traffic, if your Store rank good on Google, this is a good method for passive income.


7. Merch by Amazon


A next T-shirt method. You don’t need to invest any money to start with Merch, if you are a designer then this method is best for you. All you need is register for a Merch account on Amazon and wait for their approve. When your account is approved, you just need to upload your designs on Merch. If a client buy T-shirt with your design, you earn about 7-9$, very good right?.


Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world, its original traffic is very large so you don’t have to promote your design anywhere else. The only problem when doing with this method is Amazon seem to quite hard to approve the request, you need to patient because sometime, it need months for their approve.


8. Youtube Partner


I’m sure you know about this method. Everyone watching youtube and there are millions youtuber out there are making content for youtube. If you are good at something such as Craft, Making Toys, Photoshop, Sing … then become a Youtube Partner is the best choice.


Youtube pay really good for the partner who make great content, you need to patient when working with youtube because this is the biggest video flatform in the world so there are so so much competitors on the same niche like your niche. Just focus on your work and try to make the best content then your videos will go viral.


9. Google Adsense


You have knowledge about something such as Computer, Fashion, DIY … and you decide to make a website to share your knowledge to people. Congratulation, you are on the first step of making a website for Google Adsense. This method is fit for anybody who love to write about your love niche, when your website got enough traffic and Google approve for your request then you can put Google Adsense code on your website. Google now will show advert to visitors of your website, you earn a little bit for each “view” and more for “click”.


If you doing your job great, you are able to quit yout 9-5 job to focus on your website, I know a lot people who really wealthy just by writing their blog and earn money from Google Adsense.


10. Fulfillment by Amazon


With this method, you will start your own business by import your products in the¬†depository of Amazon by FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). You will promote your products and Amazon will help you to keep your products and ship it to customers in case they buy your products. This method help you save a lot of work such as packing, storing, shipping … all you have to do is find some good products supplier and promotion.


This method is not fit for everybody because you need to invest money on products. If you are produce products and you want to expand it to global, then this FBA is the best for you.


11. Dropshipping


It work simple like this, you don’t have any product and you don’t have enough money for investing, then you will find your customers who want to buy something, when they agree to buy it from you, you will send that request to a reseller or someone who really sell that products and ask them to ship it right to your customers on your name.


Some guys who involve in Dropshipping sell an items for 20$ but the original price just 3$, you earn 17$ without spend any money and don’t have to worry about warehousing charges.




This is just a list of 11 ways to make money online, there are a lot of method which can help you make easy money but almost them hard to expand and not a long-term method. In my next articles, I will show you how to make easy money from some of my methods, almost them really work and still working well. Those methods are good for newbie who want make fast money to get motivation. You can subscribe to my Newsletter to get notification when I publish new post.


Comment below in case you have any questions. Thank you.